Wondering About God?

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At Living Hope Church we are a group of people who have a commonality in loving God and loving people.  Many of us wrestle with questions about faith, God, Jesus, other religions and what the truth really is.  All of us need to find that truth for ourselves.  At Living Hope Church we have not only found truth in Jesus, but knowing that in John 14:6 Jesus said; "I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the Father but through me."  has brought us to a firm foundation that Jesus is the only way to heaven.  
Every religion throughout time cannot doubt Jesus' existence here on earth and all of them regard him at a minimum as a "Great Prophet".  Many religions stop there and don't accept the Bible as the "Word of God" and therefore discount it's testimony about Jesus.  We do know however that Jesus was crucified for claiming that he was God.  So, we have that as factual evidence and yet other religions still regard Jesus as this "Great Prophet."  
Through many testimonies and writings from the early church we know that Jesus rose from the grave and walked with many people after rising again before ascending into heaven.  At that time, Jesus left with us the Holy Spirit, our mediator and our comforter until the return of Christ.  Throughout history men and women have had true relationships with Jesus and still today at Living Hope Church there are a group of people that exist to have that friendship with God.  
You can join in that friendship with us.  There are always tons of questions and concerns about why God chooses to do things in certain ways and we understand those questions and love to discuss them, but the main thing is starting that relationship with the one that created you.  God is always there and is waiting to have that true friendship with you.
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